Disclaimer:  Any listed truck canopies here in the “Specials” page are sold “As Is” and the listed prices are limited to the listed serial number show below.  Please contact us for availability and options for each listed unit.

ATC Camper Shells

2019+ RAM Crew Cab 6.4′.  64DR19PW7LER serial #K191230-24.    $1500

Under Cover Tonneau

2007-13 GMC SIERRA Crew Cab Extra Short Bed.  UNDUC1086L-GAN Serial #515894    $475

Snug Top Tonneau Cover

2014+ SILVERADO/SIERRA Short Bed.  66GS14GCN550  Serial #2462425    $475

LEER Camper Shells 180XR

2015+ Ford F150 SC V-Bed. 56FF15UX180XR Serial #4059704.    $1700

Lifetime Camper Shells

Nissan Frontier 4 door Short bed. 58NF101E115 serial number #4242    $399

ATC Camper Shells

2019+ Chevy Silverado 6.6 Bed.   66GSO19GANLED  SN# K191230-22    $1220

LifeTime Camper Shells

Bottom Shell- 80DK101E219 fits 1987-1996 Dodge Dakota long bed. $475

LEER Camper Shells

2007-2013 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab V-Bed.   58GSOCC16100R  SN# 2856517

LifeTime Camper Shells

01-03 Chevy S10 4 Door Crew Cab. 59SCC101E115 SN# 3300

SnugTop Super Sport

Options added on:
40″ LED interior light, 500lb roof reinforcement’ Yakima core bar rack, keyless entry, fold-down front slider window, black carpet liner

Fits 2017-2020 Ford F250 and F350 Superduty 8′ long bed. Fits all cab styles. Color is G1 Shadow Black

This canopy regularly sells for $4930 as equipped.
Sale price $4605
Installation $150

Snuglid SL made by Snugtop

This is used and in pretty good shape. It may need a new lock core (we can order for $50).

Fits 1999 to 2007 Ford Superduty F250 F350
Fits 8′ Long Bed
Color is a dark green, not 100% sure on the color code think its PB Jewel Green

$250 picked up or $350 installed.

Leer 100XL